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What is branding?

Branding is a tough discipline to master. You can control a lot of variables, but it all comes down to how your audience perceive your brand. Perceive is the key word. As a business you can control how you communicate, but you cannot control the audience.

Branding is a field, where several different disciplines cross. Therefore, you need to learn about the sub-parts of branding to have a higher chance to communicate correct and get the audience to see you the same way. Find more about the sections below:

Marketing in branding

Online, offline, print, digital, social media, television. The opportunities for marketing are almost endless. Dive into specialized parts and find a place, where your brand can shine!

Communication in branding

How will your audience know your message, if you can't communicate it in a good way? Segments differ in the way they perceive messages, so you need to be sharp on your communication.

Branding in branding

What options do you have in your branding campaign? The structure you set up, is essential for your marketing and communication. Without a plan, the ship is going nowhere.

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