General Questions

How Can I Get In Touch With You?

Send us an email, a private message on Facebook, use the contact form! We love to hear from our readers. If you have any comments, feel free to send them to us, as we are always trying to improve.
If you have any ideas for content in general, do not hesitate to contact us!

Article Writing

Do You Accept Guest Writers?

We do accept guest writers within the boundaries of the scope. Send us an email with your idea and/or content, and we will discuss, if it fits with the rest of the page, and the mission of


How Can I Advertise In Your Site?

We want to keep the advertisement on the page to a subtle minimum. We do not want display ads at all, since they can be incredibly annoying for the users, and we prioritize the users first!
Affiliate marketing on the page is good, as long as it fits with the article. We do not want to push affiliate links into the face of the readers.