What is Brand Authenticity?

Brand Authenticity is key in 2021. Fakes are everywhere and you need to know the values behind the actual company.


The Editorial Staff


Mar 27, 2021

What is Brand Authenticity?

Brand authenticity is utterly important in a time filled with copies of products, liars, fake news and a mistrust to what is true. Knowing what a company stands for and what its values are, seems like an important standpoint for the new generations.

A study done by Boston Consulting group in 2013 shows, that among Americans brand authenticity is the number one reason why they would show loyalty to a brand and support their business. As for millennials, this value was the second highest on what would make them support and stay loyal to a brand, only beat by “loyalty discounts”.

If your brand authenticity does not score high on the scale, that Morhart conceptualized in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, then your brand may be deemed unauthentic, fake and maybe they will not generate the support for the brand over time.
This can lead many lifetime-consumers away from the company and they will miss out on loyal consumers, who always return to their favouritebrand to support the authenticity they have.

Why is brand authenticity important in 2022?

Authenticity help you stand our from the crowd and away from all the noise of the untrustworthy brands. It helps you build stronger connection to consumers in an age, where concentration and the attention span last a couple of seconds.

With brand authenticity you show consumers why they should care about your brand, compared to all your competitors. When they care, it is harder for them to exclude your brand again. This helps create a brand community and lifelong customers.

Consumers want to support personality

Consumers also want to support brands with person-like characteristics. If they can see their own values in a company, they are more likely to buy the product and support the brand over time.
If the company is authentic and true to itself, and the consumers can see that, then the consumer can stay true to themselves by supporting the brand and therefore, supporting similar values to their own.

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