BrandingWhat is Retro Branding?

Retro Branding is an effective tool in your marketing and branding tool box. Don't use it too often tho. Read more to se how you can benefit from Retro Branding.

BrandingWhat is Brand Authenticity?

Brand Authenticity is key in 2021. Fakes are everywhere and you need to know the values behind the actual company.

BrandingBranding in the Age of Social Media

Building a brand has never been easier and harder at the same time. The key? Social media. Built a brand in a month, it can be gone the next. Read more and find help to guide your brand through social media

BrandingWhat is a Dobbeltgänger Brand?

The term "Dobbeltganger" is a German word that means double ghost. In marketing, it's a brand that aims to replicate the success of an established competitor by exploiting their weaknesses.

BrandingWhat is a Brand Community?

A brand community includes several, controllable parts, but the most important is the customer-to-customer interaction, where you have no control.

BrandingThe History of Branding

The history of branding has changed a lot over the decades, but where did it start and where are we today in branding?

BrandingWhat is Brand Equity?

Brand equity is hard to measure without having to sell the entire company, but equity is the backbone of succes in a company.

BrandingWhat is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is a great way to establish yourself as an authoritative figure, but how do you get started?

BrandingWhat is a Brand Extension?

Expanding your brand portfolio can be extremely difficult, but can a brand extension be the right path for your company?

BrandingWhat is Corporate Branding?

Corporate branding deals with the perception of the entire company as a whole. But how do you actually increase such a fluffy metric?

BrandingWhat is Co-Branding?

Co-branding can be a wonderful tool to expand your reach into groups, where you are not the strongest. In the perfect collaboration both brand will benefit enormously from co-branding. Do you know how to?

BrandingWhat is Brand Goodwill?

What are tangible assets? What are intangible assets? And what is brand goodwill? This will help you determine the worth of a brand!

BrandingWhat is Brand Architecture?

Brand architecture is not about building a house, but more about how you manage it. Is your master brand the driver or not? And who is Unilever?

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